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Tadashi Ueda


Date and Place of Birth: October 25, 1914 Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Date and Place of Death:    Uknown
Baseball Experience: Japanese Professional League
Position: Outfield
Rank: Unknown
Military Unit: Army
Area Served: Unknown

Tadashi Ueda was born on October 25, 1914 in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. He attended Hiroshima Matsumoto Shogyo high school and played for Hiroshima Senbaikyoku in the industrial league before signing with the Osaka Tigers in 1937. Playing second base and outfield he appeared in seven games and had three hits in six at-bats. Ueda's promising start was brought to an abprupt end when he was drafted for military service that same year. He served in the army through 1940 and returned to baseball in 1941, playing 18 games in the outfield for the Tigers and batting .136.

In 1942, 27-year-old Ueda played 63 games at third base and the outfield, batting .125. In 1943, he played 28 games, batting just .047 before being recalled to military service.

Tadashi Ueda died in combat.

Date Added: March 17, 2013

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