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Takeo Tabe


Date and Place of Birth: March 28, 1906 Hiroshima, Japan
Date and Place of Death:    Location Unknown June 1945
Baseball Experience: Professional Dail Nippon team
Position: Second Base
Rank: Unknown
Military Unit: Unknown
Area Served: Unknown

Future Hall of Famer Takeo Tabe was a demon on the basepaths

Takeo Tabe was born on March 28, 1906 in Hiroshima, Japan. He attended Meiji University where he played every position but catcher. In 1935, he toured the United States and Canada with the Dai Nippon Tokyo club and stole 109 bases in 105 games. "Nippon's contribution to a backstop's nightmare," reported the Ogden Standard-Examiner on May 23, 1935, "are the fleet toes of Takeo Tabe. The Meiji university star, who teams with Hisanori Karita to form the smoothest middle sack combination ever blended in the Orient, is a demon on the base paths."

Tabe never played in the Japanese Professional League which launched in 1936. He served with the military during World War II and died in combat in June 1945.

Takeo Tabe was inducted in the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame in 1969.

Date Added: March 17, 2013

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