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Buell Bankston


Date and Place of Birth: 1915 Houston, TX
Date and Place of Death:    February 27, 1943 Columbia AAF, SC
Baseball Experience: College
Position: Unknown
Rank: Captain
Military Unit: USAAF
Area Served: United States

Buell A. Bankston was born in Houston, Texas in 1915. He attended Baylor University where he played but never lettered on the varsity baseball team. Bankston graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration in 1938.

Married to Bertha Pawloski, he entered military service in October 1940 and served with the USAAF as a Captain. Bankston was stationed at Columbia Army Air Field, South Carolina. He was killed on February 27, 1943, when he was piloting a North American B-25D Mitchell that crashed on a routine training flight about three miles north of Columbia. Three other officers and three enlisted men were also killed in the crash.

Buell Bankston is one of more than 125 former Baylor students remembered by granite memorial lampposts that grace the campus near the Hankamer Business School. Each bears a plaque honoring a Baylor student or graduate who was killed while serving their country.

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